E-learning platform for safety trainings on the job

Bolster Safety is a learning platform that offers everything you need for on-site safety training.

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Bolster Safety

Safety is one thing, but Grip on Safety goes way further. The power of Bolster Safety is its integral approach of continuous learning and onboarding, thanks to its large selection of safety trainings.

  • Managers can easily plan safety trainings which fit in with employees their activities and needs.
  • Users of Bolster Safety get feedback on every answer they submit, so they do not only see their answer is right or wrong, but also why their answer is right or wrong: the goal is to learn.
  • A manager can then monitor if and how these trainings are done.

This makes it possible to anticipate when there is need for extra attention regarding specific knowledge areas. In this way Bolster Safety offers Grip on Safety.

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‘Thanks to Bolster Safety, there is more safety awareness on the job.’

About Bolster Safety

Why Bolster Safety?


Better insight into the activities and performance of your employees

A clear, organised dashboard provides insight into all employees’ training activities, consisting of their progress, scores, planning and trainings courses on offer. The Bolster Safety online dashboard offers:

  • Real-time insight into the results per professional or per group;
  • A 24/7 overview of people’s progress.
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At home in the industry

Together with you, we will determine which information is important for your employees and contractors. Based on this, we will draw up a training programme that consists of training courses focusing on the particular risks in your industry, supplemented where necessary with specific, tailor-made training courses. Our safety consultant will help you set up an effective training programme. All our training courses are available in the most common languages in the industry.

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High retention

Bolster Safety’s learning methods are motivating and optimally tailored to the particular target group. By making use of recognisable situations and working a lot with experiential learning, Bolster Safety ensures that the knowledge acquired is easier to apply and remembered better. In this way we contribute directly and permanently to increasing safety within your project or organisation.

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Safety training

Continuous learning

Cramming all the material just before an exam doesn’t always deliver the desired end result. It is much more effective to repeatedly store information in your memory over longer periods, which is the basis of Continuous Learning.

More about continuous learning


Most companies in the high-risk industry work with contractors and subcontractors during turnarounds and new-build and other projects. This entails additional safety risks. How do you test whether external employees are competent and have up-to-date safety knowledge? And how do you familiarise them with the specific safety requirements and methods within your company?

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