Most companies in the high-risk industry work with contractors and subcontractors during turnarounds and new-build and other projects. This entails additional safety risks. How do you test whether external employees are competent and have up-to-date safety knowledge? And how do you familiarise them with the specific safety requirements and methods within your company? Especially with TARs, which are characterised by tight schedules and often tight deadlines, working efficiently and preventing incidents is crucial.

 Bolster Safety can help you with the selection and training of the professionals involved.

Result: Improved safety and work processes
Our onboarding services will increase safety levels and help you select suitably equipped professionals. Training and testing your professionals on safety knowledge and safety awareness prior to turnarounds and new-build projects will produce excellent results. The number of waiting hours at the gate at the start will decrease significantly, in some cases by as much as 5 to 6 man-hours per employee. Adequate training and testing will also reduce time loss and personal suffering due to incidents. In short: more quality through optimal preparation.

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Onboarding assessment

This onboarding assessment is aimed at testing and training staff on their theoretical knowledge and specific practical skills. This will happen in the weeks before the turnaround or the start of a new-build project. Bolster Safety will take care of everything, from the very first contact with the contractors to issuing staff with their access passes.

Basic training courses

Bolster Safety offers generic training courses on safety rules, including for gas measurement, flange fitters and safe handling of loads. Together with you, we will put together a special onboarding training package based on more than 100 basic courses. We will also design tailor-made training courses for your employees using your input. Our safety adviser will help you set up an effective training programme.


Quality screening & customisation

Craftsmans who are not ‘fit for the job’ will be filtered out. This will reduce waiting times during the work and prevent incidents.

Our onboarding service can be tailor-made. We carefully consider the safety rules of the client and the project, any specific high-risk activities and the various languages spoken on the job.


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